Rifftrax: The Flying Saucer Mystery (1950/2014)

If you’ve ever wondered what people in the 1950s thought about flying saucers before they had the advantage of the History Channel’s valuable research into ancient Egyptian flight technology AND you enjoy fuzzy footage of dark circles in the sky AND you’ve always wondered what it would look like if a man who looks exactly like Mickey Spillane fluffed some weird line about UFOs being souls not gathered in by Adam and Eve, THEN The Flying Saucer Mystery is for you. Fans of military stock footage and Zelig-like interviews with bewildered oddballs will probably not be disappointed either, I expect.

The truth is out there, and when I say ‘out there’ I mean over at Rifftrax, where you can download this or stream it instantly for the smallest amount of money you can possibly imagine (approx).

*Callback to the historically significant but excessively whimsical A Trip to the Moon.